Privacy policy for Lionesa

Respalda – Engenharia e Administração Imobiliária, S.A. (“Respalda, S.A.”) guarantees it will respect the privacy of visitors to this website (“User” or “Users”). Merely visiting this website does not imply any automatic registration of any personal information that could identify the User. However, the use of certain contents may imply the provision of personal data by the Users.

This Privacy Policy regulates the collecting and processing of the personal data provided by the Users, as well as the exercise of their rights regarding these data, under the terms of General Data Protection Regulation in force.


Data collection and processing

Respalda, S.A. is the entity responsible for the collection and handling of the personal data of the Users.


The personal data collected will be digitally processed and stored by Respalda, S.A. or its subcontractors. The personal data collected are those necessary for the provision of services and/or the supply of products and will be stored in such a way as to allow them to be identified only during the period necessary for the purposes of collection or later processing, after which time they will be deleted.


Respalda, S.A. assumes that the data collected were provided by their holder, that they were provided voluntarily by that person and that they are true and accurate.


Right of access

Under the terms of the law, the User is assured the right to the right to access, rectify, update, limit and erase their personal data, as well as to object to the processing of these data, through a written request sent to the following address:

Rua da Lionesa, 446, ADM

4465-671 Leça do Balio



Data communication

Respalda, S.A. will not communicate any personal data to third parties unless it has received the express consent of the Users or if:


  • the transmission is made under the scope of compliance with a legal obligation, a decision of the National Data Protection Committee or in compliance with a court order; and
  • the communication is carried out for any legitimate purpose provided for by law.



Security measures

Respalda, S.A. makes every effort to protect the personal data of the Users against unauthorized access via the Internet. To this end, it uses security systems, rules and other procedures in order to assure the protection of the personal data of the Users, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to the data or incorrect use, disclosure, loss or destruction of these.


However, it is the responsibility of the Users to guarantee and ensure that the equipment they are using is suitably protected against harmful software, computer viruses, worms and/or malware.


In addition, the Users must be aware that if they do not use suitable security measures (for example, secure configuration of the browser programme, up-to-date antivirus software, security firewall software and not using software from dubious sources), there is an increased risk of their personal data and passwords being accessed by unauthorised third parties.


But it should be noted that whenever data is collected on open networks like the Internet, the data can circulate under insecure conditions and there is a risk of them being seen and used by unauthorized third parties.



Cookies are small text files that identify your computer on our server. The cookies themselves do not identify the individual users, just the computer used. The cookies are not used to collect personal data.


This website uses cookies that help to determine the use, interest and number of accesses to the website, providing for faster and more efficient browsing on the site and eliminating the need to introduce the same information over and over again.


All browsers allow Users to accept, refuse or delete cookies, by selecting the settings they want on the browser itself. But partially or fully deactivating cookies can have an effect on your browsing experience on the website.


Changes to the Privacy Policy

Respalda, S.A. reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, to change, add to or revoke all or part of this Privacy Policy. Any changes will be announced immediately on the same online page.


If you have any questions about how Respalda, S.A. handles your personal data, please send your request for clarification to:


Rua da Lionesa, 446, ADM

4465-671 Leça do Balio