/ We rent out dreams

With an area of 40,000 m2, Lionesa has a very diverse range of tailor-made spaces. We have the space you need and as you need it! From high street shops to large offices and showrooms, we can meet the needs of countless business sectors. Flexibility and adaptability are undoubtedly Lionesa's attributes...

/ Offices

Ample spaces, with complete flexibility and everything you need to set up your company.

You'll find the ideal conditions for developing your business here.

/ Showroom

Spaces suitable for housing and highlighting your brands and collections.

Generous areas, adaptable to your business and perfect for welcoming your clients.

/ Business, Restaurants and Leisure

At Lionesa, there is room for a variety of businesses, including general trade, restaurants and cafés, gymnasium, hairdressers...

We have the right space for your business!