Lionesa 2025. It’s happening.(Video) 


By 2025, a new creative city will have been built, peopled by hundreds of companies and over 10,000 employees. This is the goal of Lionesa. 


Using sustainability criteria, conserving environmental quality and our architectural heritage, an ambitious architectural programme is already under development, and it will double the Gross Leasable Area, bringing it to 104,000 m2. 


Harmoniously designed buildings, new business support structures, landscaped areas, leisure areas, sports facilities and a green corridor stretching as far as the Atlantic are part of a future that will respond to the continued growth of the very innovative Lionesa business fabric.

Room to grow

The extensive area where Lionesa is located makes excellence possible.

Grand opening to sport

Sport will be playing a major part. A football pitch, nine padel courts and a tennis court will make up the new sports village, accessible to our Lionesans and open to the public. Along with these structures, a green corridor, a project of Matosinhos Municipal Council, will take Lionesa to the sea at Leça da Palmeira.

Welcome to the World of Lionesa

Expressive, but tranquil, the revolution underway will definitively bring the world inside Lionesa – and confirm Lionesa's place in the world.