“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

Art, creativity, irreverence… all of these words contribute to the current concept of Lionesa. Concerts, performances, exhibitions, street art and several other artistic interventions now make up a veritable treasure trove of culture, open to the community and attracting those who work at, visit or come into contact with Lionesa. Looking at, reflecting on and being part of what’s around us, in order to provoke reactions and to improve the present and be ready for the future… that’s a Lionesan challenge! We believe that this is a different way to operate. We believe in the Lionesan way of life. With Art always present!

/Lionesa Street Mural

On Rua da Lionesa, the largest Graffiti/Street Art project in the north of Portugal, inaugurated on 11 April 2014, was undertaken by a “dream team”, bringing together the artists representing the best quality and originality in Portugal for the first time. Internationally renowned artists, who take part in the largest Street Art festivals and events around the world. The curator was plastic artist Catarina Machado (WWW.CATARINAMACHADO.COM), responsible for all the dynamics and who chose Writter Miguel (RAM) (WWW.THERAMIRO.COM), who was in charge of production, bringing together the largest collective comprising 10 artists: 5 from the north and 5 from the south of Portugal, generating a positive impact of this style of painting on the people, not just locals, but visitors too, making it an urban cultural landmark in Matosinhos and all over the north of Portugal. Collective: Caos; Colectivo Distopia; Draw; Mr. Dheo; Third; Mar; Mário Belém; Nomen; RAM; Utopia. The mural has an area of approximately 1400 m2 and was divided into 10 parts, one assigned to each of the artists, who all painted at the same time. They were given full creative freedom to depict the history of Matosinhos City. Transition between the painted spaces will be smooth, creating a fusion of all the work and thus providing a complete visual journey! Lionesa's aim is to include the “Mural, in the industrial tourism project, making it part of the tourist itinerary for the north of Portugal!" This project was sponsored by Lionesa and Unicer.

/Up There Street Art Project

The Up There Street Art project, curated by Lionesa, emerged from the Matosinhos Culture Capital of the Atlantic Zone 2016 programme! Several nationally and internationally renowned artists worked on a number of walls and panels, giving rise to the creation of a street art journey. The result is there for all to see at the largest ever street art exhibition in Matosinhos. This event promises to put Matosinhos and its best-known artists in the limelight in the national and international street art panorama. The aim of the project is to focus on awareness of one of the most fascinating and least exploited aspects of Matosinhos – its cultural heritage linked to fishing, sailing, architecture, restaurants, canneries, the sea, history, rap – exhibiting it publicly through the artwork on the walls, contributing to improving the image of the city and adding value to public areas for the benefit of residents and visitors alike.