• Flexibility

    At Lionesa, we focus on solutions. And this means thinking and always making the ideal space available, adjusting the areas to the needs of the client.

  • Full Service

    So that our clients can enjoy their space under perfect conditions, together we can develop and introduce any necessary interventions, construction work and/or installations needed.

  • Business Resort

    Lionesa provides its clients and visitors with a wide range of services and facilities that make life easier.

  • The Surrounding Area

    Set in an extremely beautiful area, Lionesa benefits from its proximity to the River Leça and the Leça do Balio Monastery.

  • History and Architectural Features

    Lionesa took over an old textiles factory, preserving its memory by restoring and maintaining its singular architectural identity.

  • Location and Accessibility

    Lionesa is in an excellent location, just 10 minutes from Porto, Matosinhos and Francisco Sá Carneiro airport, and it also has toll-free road access.

  • Multifaceted Structure

    We have a multifaceted space, creating a flexible and dynamic environment for business promotion, attracting events of different kinds.

  • Intensive Agenda

    Something's always happening at Lionesa! Business breakfasts, LunchBeats, Afterworks, Concerts, Exhibitions... Use the time to do some networking, or just relax.